Fifty Years Young - My Anti Aging Discoveries eBook

My name is Dana and when I turned fifty-years of age, (a few years ago) I cried in my "Over The Hill" birthday cake. So, when my teenage daughter said, "At least you don't look your age, Mom," I quit crying and kept doing what I have been doing to preserve my youthfulness. I didn't want to grow old gracefully and I have fought aging with products and techniques that I decided to share in my new eBook, "Fifty-Years-Young." This little eBook is a quick read that will reveal my recipe for my Face & Body Butter, my face aerobics routine, and other products that I have discovered over the years that I feel are the reason that people still tell me that I look younger than I actually am right now. I am offering a PROMOTIONAL PRICE of only $1.99 for my eBook on Selz for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. If you read it, I would appreciate it if you would please send a comment on my website or review to let me know what you thought. Thanks.

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