Gator Dundee Audio Book Read By Author, Dana Holyfield

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Audio Book created by the author, Dana Holyfield, reading her own book!

The paparazzi call him, "Gator Dundee" after he saves a celebrity fashion model from becoming gator bait while on a photo assignment in the Louisiana swamp. Amos is Cajun Swamp Man secluded from the outside world on his little houseboat in the middle of the Atchafalaya Basin swamp. Claire was born in the swamp, but her Mama encouraged her to get out and pursue big dreams so she would have things that she wouldn't be able to if she didn't leave. Claire hit the big time and has everything that money can buy, except true love. She knows most of the star-stuck city men are only after her fame and fortune, especially the current Underwear Model who's using her to get his foot in the door for the next big opportunity. So, when the photographer is chased away by a big alligator, Claire is left stranded in a Cypress tree at the mercy of the swamp, until she is rescued by the handsome Cajun called Amos, who has no clue who she is. Claire begs him to hide her out from the relentless Paparazzi for a while. Against his better judgement, Amos takes Claire to his little houseboat far away from civilization. He stirs up forgotten memories from her past and Claire realizes that the Louisiana swamp wasn't as horrible as her Mama convinced her it was. This leads to a complicated romance hot as cayenne, until Amos discovers he has fallen for someone that he may not be able to keep in the swamp.

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